Source: RMS Media

RMS Book Release

We are thrilled to announce the release of R. Moore & Sons: 100 Years of Engineering the Future, a publication recording our dynamic history.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of the book which has highlighted how machining and component regeneration has been central to our business from day one.

With truck parts impossible to come by in WA in 1915, restoring components started out as a necessity for our founder Robert Moore to keep his vehicle moving.

At RMS, we believe this remanufacturing approach – which remains the core of what we do – is only now becoming truly valued, as the global push to become more environmentally sustainable takes hold.

Component remanufacturing is, for the first time, really being seen for its many benefits;

  • reducing organisational expenses
  • slashing waste
  • averting the high environmental impact of new part manufacturing

Its integral role in helping achieve net environmental gains of new, greener technologies faster is now being understood.

R. Moore & Sons: 100 Years of Engineering the Future celebrates the innovation that underpins our company’s history and also honours the importance of our industry into the future.

More than a collection of business milestones, the book is a story of unfettered opportunity in a growing state trying to find its feet, of incredible vision across multiple generations of a family, of the culture required to make a significant mark on an economy for more than a century, and a remarkable tale of evolution.

Learning more about Robert Moore’s first forays into business during the creation of this book has illuminated where RMS’ now firmly cemented reputation for resourcefulness, innovation and collaboration kicked off. It also goes a long way to explaining how we’ve flourished for so long in a country with little manufacturing culture.

Some highlights of our 100+ year journey include:

  • Robert Moore ran a cordial shop in Western Australia’s Goldfields before setting up R. Moore & Sons. He learned shorthand to translate a cordial recipe book he discovered in the Anaconda Hotel, which he’d purchased, and eventually, with a business partner, established Premier Cordial Factory.
  • After moving to Perth and establishing a truck fleet (which even delivered The West Australian and The Sunday Times newspapers for a time), Robert set up a workshop in the backyard of his home to overcome a lack of spare parts. Word fast filtered out that Robert was repairing and servicing his vehicles, first acquiring a lathe and milling machine. Soon other truck owners were knocking on his door to get their vehicles back on the road, marking the official start of R. Moore & Sons the engineering firm.
  • RMS was, for a time, the Australian distributor for Berco bulldozer replacement parts. It also became the Nissan Diesel Motor Company’s Australian distributor, taking delivery of the first engines in 1967 and importing the first Nissan Diesel trucks into the country some years later.
  • Our 1973 establishment of a petrol engine remanufacturing production factory and, later, a number of fitting stations across Perth. With a passion for progress, block machining time was slashed from more than 60 minutes to less than 10 minutes for each engine.
  • The early and ongoing machinery innovations allowing for the expansion of RMS’ operations, such as adapting a centre grinder to regrind crankshafts – a project that paved the way for RMS to dominate this machining market in Western Australia since 1927.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into our historic publication and we look forward to its official unveiling shortly.