JOURNEY through time

Entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional solution-focused customer service, and an enviable ability to pivot with the times underpin R. Moore & Sons’ success over more than a century. These traits are still firmly entrenched in this thriving, increasingly crucial enterprise.


17 year-old Robert Moore lands a job in the Lake View Mine, now part of the famous Kalgoorlie Super Pit.


Robert uses the truck he bought to deliver his beverages, to also cart salt from Pink Lake to Esperance Port.


Robert discovers spare parts hard to come by and begins making his own. He moves to Perth and, in 1920, sets up his first workshop behind the family home in Short St.


With the experience, expertise and precision machinery required to manufacture components, RMS is called on to make parts for WWII and is operating 24/7 to meet demand.


RMS become the national distributor of Berco bulldozer replacement parts.


In response to demand from the mining sector, RMS imports unassembled Nissan Diesel trucks – believed to be an Australian first – to be assembled at their Belmont premises.


The company builds its state-of-the-art Kewdale workshop, where it remains today.


By 1986, RMS operations span 15 sites across Australia and it has more than 200 staff.


After spending 20 years learning the business, Neil and Warren Moore, the grandsons of Robert Moore, purchase the business from family members.


The ownership change in 1988 sparked further positive streamlining of RMS’s operations and helped it secure a coveted quality assurance certificate by Lloyds Registry. This was a leading initiative at the time.


 RMS invests in CNC cylinder block machining centres – an Australian first.


RMS further expands its CNC investment with an industry leading move  to support heavy industry.



RMS celebrates 100 years of success with an event for staff on the last weekend possible before the Covid shutdown, a refresh of its iconic brand and a book tabling their 100 year history.

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