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Regeneration, RMS & The Environment

Regeneration is inherently a ‘green’ activity. It’s estimated it requires up to 85% less energy and significantly fewer raw materials to restore a component back to a new state than to create an entirely new component.

Not only does the critical regeneration work we undertake support our clients to be environmentally conscious by allowing mechanical components to have multiple lifecycles, RMS also adopts green practices within our operations to reduce our footprint.

Engineering the future

Our Clients & The Environment

Mechanical component regeneration is a comprehensive industrial process that is now a key sustainability practice embraced by many companies worldwide.

It offers a cost-effective, environmentally sound alternative to buying new and, as such, it is a multi-billion dollar global industry.

As well as supporting our clients to improve their bottom line, it also lowers their overall environmental impact, assisting them to meet the stringent environmental standards of their industry.

We’re proud to be able to regenerate mechanical components to the specifications of the original manufacturer and to meet emission requirements so they can go back into the production line.

If these parts couldn’t be or weren’t brought back to a like-new or better-than-new, zero hour state, a fresh component would have to be created. Manufacturing items from the ground up takes a significant amount of energy and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, especially if the raw materials need to be sourced from the earth or shipped overseas in order to be melted down.

R. Moore & Sons

RMS & The Environment

In recent years, we’ve commissioned and installed a state-of-the-art automated wastewater recycling system and a high-quality 100kW solar PV harvesting system at our Kewdale facility.

As well as lessening our environmental footprint, these changes have delivered a win-win in keeping a cap on energy costs, and seen us honoured with numerous environmental awards.

We are currently planning the incorporation of additional green strategies to our business, understanding how crucial they are to the wider community as well as our company.

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