RMS is an independent global leader in regeneration programs enabling multiple life cycles of mechanical componentry for heavy industry.

We’re known for our resourcefulness, innovation and collaboration, and have been since we were founded in 1920.

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Mechanical Component Regeneration

From humble beginnings in 1920, R. Moore & Sons has flourished into a resourceful, innovative and collaborative company to become who we are today – a world leader in our field.


Being environmentally conscious is at the core of what we do.

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The RMS Team

A deep commitment to our unique team culture, training and development, and strong family values are embedded in our DNA, and our valued team members are integral to our success.

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Growing Careers

Evolving Industry

The mechanical component regeneration industry is an exciting, evolving and expanding sector offering diverse career opportunities. RMS is experiencing growing demand for its precision services and is always on the lookout for exceptional team members.


Saving Energy

By extending product life and by giving products numerous lives, remanufacturing saves 85% of the energy that went in to manufacturing the product the first time.

– William C. Gager

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