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R. Moore & Sons

Who We Are

From humble beginnings in 1920, RMS soon flourished into a resourceful, innovative and collaborative company to become who we are today – a world leader in our field.

Our History

Under the entrepreneurial eye of our founder, Irish migrant Robert Moore Snr – whose grandsons Neil and Warren still help lead the business – our history includes forays into commercial fishing, farming, and transportation, amongst other endeavours.

Tackling the unique challenges of our geographical isolation and the impact of Western Australia’s harsh climate on mechanical componentry over the past 100 years has helped us emerge as a global leader in customised mechanical component regeneration, and continues to play a large part in driving our thirst for innovation.

R. Moore & Sons

Precision & Reliability

RMS has embraced the Lean business model, which originated in the manufacturing industry. This has seen us focus on the creation of efficient systems and processes that bring greater throughput and increased productivity.

This approach also allows the unparalleled precision regeneration of the components that fit within the most complex machinery in a way that can be accurately replicated.

Lean principles also offer greater quality, repeatability, reliability and predictability, which reduces downtime and boosts results for our clients.

Our ability to deliver repeatable precision is also largely made possible thanks to our dedication to innovation, technology, collaboration, training and development.

Engineering the future

Innovation & Technology

Innovation is a key driver at RMS. We constantly scour the globe for new technology that will allow us to stay on the cutting-edge of our industry, deliver repeatable precision, and actively prepare for changes that impact us, and our clients.

RMS’ thirst for innovation saw us acquire a large 4 axis CNC machining centre in 2017, an industry-leading investment that’s been a game changer for our company. We have also invested in CNC lathes, a computer-aided balancing machine, 3D scanning of mechanical components, and ‘green’ technologies to reduce our environmental footprint. We are also embracing IIOT enable machine monitoring and utilisation.

Innovation is actively encouraged on the workshop floor too; our team is empowered to take part in the engineering thought-process to help problem solve; this is highly valued by our customers and has fostered a culture of continual learning, ensuring we are knowledgeable, experienced, and forward-thinking.

Engineering the future

Collaboration & Community

As part of our commitment to customised mechanical component regeneration solutions, we work closely with a trusted network of suppliers, specialty-machining manufacturers and like-minded companies In Europe, South Africa, the UK and North America, engaging in an open dialogue about industry trends and technological advancements.

This network of collaborators is vital in enabling us to uncover solutions to current challenges as well as respond to changes ahead of time and pivot to meet them.

Collaboration with the larger business community is also prioritised. We’ve been a member of the WA Chamber of Commerce & Industry for more than 80 years, are part of the Henderson Alliance, Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc., EMICoL, and the American Engine Rebuilders Association.

We’ve been involved with Federal, State and Local Government initiatives including;

  • Defence West
  • the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd
  • AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme
  • Centre for Defence Industry Capability;
  • and the Australian Automotive Service Dealer

At the core of who we are is an overarching commitment to clear communication within our team and with our clients to drive our growth but, most importantly, to assist our customers to operate at their best.

We’re Committed

We’re committed to the precious skills and jobs at RMS remaining onshore for a more vibrant and sustainable future in the Australian market and so prioritise passing on the expert knowledge of our long-term team members to our new staff.

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